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Title: Server Guide
Post by: [RIP]Abdelhady on June 29, 2015, 05:20:34 am
RIP is a SA-MP Server, Created By Abdelhady Since 2010.
This Server Is A "Zombie TDM Server" , But Year By Year We Updated Our Server And Made New Features For Single Playing.

1.The Server Is A Zombie Server, We Just Added Some Cool Stuffs.
2.Stunt Maps With A lot of Objects [single / multi Playing]
3.DM, This Is A Death Match Arena, You Can Easily Know More About It by "/dmcmds"

Important Questions And Answers:

Q.Why you added Weapon spawning For Zombies?
A.Cause Of Unfair Playing.

Q.Why We Added DM Arenas?
A.To Make The Server More Fun, And To Make Duels Between Players.

Q.The Server A Zombie Server Or TDM?
A.The Server Is Zombie, Other Features Are For Fun.

How To Play:-

-If You're An Human, Then You Must Kill All Zombies To Get XP & Coins!
Then When The Time Ends Follow The Red Marker On Your Map To Evac.

-Use /stuntpoint To Teleport To The Stunt Area, You Can Easily Earn Coins By It.

If You're A Zombie You Must Kill All Humans, Can You Kill Them? Try Out /zweapons To Spawn Weapons To Kill Them!

You Mustn't Let The Humans Evac If You're A Zombie Or Your Team Will Lose This Match!