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Author Topic: Global Announcement--  (Read 137 times)


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Global Announcement--
« on: July 06, 2015, 12:13:22 am »
Attention TO All Inactive Mods/Admins If You're An Admin Or A Mod, You Must Care About Your Level, Being Inactive Will Cause Your Demotion.

Every Staff Members Who Don't Speak English Perfectly Will Be Kicked, Because Some Members Don't Know How To Speak English & The Players Don't Understand What They Means.

If The Server Has "0" Players, You Must Join The Server, Saying "There isn't Players" Isn't A Reason For Being Inactive. Try To Invite More Players & Donate To Our Server To Keep Us Alive & Get VIP Packages.

||----> -Announcement- <----||

About Joker's Donation, It Will Be >Removed< Until The Player Make An Donation Application.

||----> -Announcement- <----||

To Everyone, Don't Say Any Admin Commands On Main Chat Even If You Know It. Or You'll Be Temporary Banned For 5 Days Reason:- Saying Admin Commands On Main Chat.

To RIP Players, Be More Active & Invite Players To Keep Us Alive & Get Free XP!

Other Important Thing Need To Say:-

1. To Everyone Improve Your English Or You'll Be Terminated For 1 Month Even DONATORS!

2. Like Our Facebook Page To Get Rewards !

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